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The best 5e character sheets you can get! And they’re free!

I recently stumbled on reddit across character sheets made by Emmet. He created several sheets for every singe official class (woah), which are incredible useful. They are designed with the class features in mind. There are two version for each:

  • FILLABLE: Form fillable, so you don’t have to worry about messy handwriting. Printable.
  • EDITABLE: Every word is editable for ultimate customisation and translation! Printable too.

The featured image of this post shows the paladin sheet. As you can see, it is prefilled with important class features, such as divine smite, a spot for the sacred oath feature, and so on.

Not only are they super useful, they are neatly designed, too. And the best part? They are free! You can pay what you want for them, which is unbelievable generous, if you consider how much time Emmet must had put into them.

If you want to use them for your campaigns, get them on DM’s Guild:–The-Bundle

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