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Here are five one shot ideas

I capture a good amount of ideas inside Notion, some of them for my running campaigns, others for one shots that I think may be fun. It happens a lot that some idea sparks inside my head while consuming media, or just laying in bed at night and thinking about different stuff. I decided to share some of my ideas for you to use. Here are five of them:

1. The weird museum

This one is more of a classic, but I really like the idea of having a one shot that focuses on a museum. But the museum I have in mind is not a simple one. It’s rather a special, crazy version of a museum. This might be a weird topic as its focus, like a candy museum, a museum for diseases, or weird creatures. Or it might be something that isn’t a museum at first glance. Maybe the players are ants inside a museum, but for them it is the world they know, and the humans that watch them through the world barrier are their gods.

2. The archeological excavation

An archaeological site, where something extraordinary is discovered. The newspapers report about an one in a century find, but they aren’t allowed to reveal what it is. The players are sent to site, maybe they play as news reporters, as archaeologist, or as a local authority. When they arrive at the site, it is deserted with no traces of any human still being there. All workers are missing, and the party has to reveal a dark secret…

3. The World’s fair

Chicago, 1893. In the summer heat 27 million visitors attend the tenth world exhibition, called “The World’s fair”. They witness a shocking event that disrupts the festivities: The 12 meter high Chocolate Temple, built by german entrepreneur Ludwig Stollwerck, melts in the unexpected hot sun, and reveals a dead body under the chocolate sculpture of “germania” that is placed in the center of the temple.

Drawing of the chocolate temple

The players then need to solve the murder. They could be some kind of investigators, which makes this idea, along with the era, especially fitting for a Call of Cthulhu campaign.

4. The witches

A dark forest or swamp, somewhere in no mans land. The people in a nearby village visit it regularly. Women bring sacrifices, until there is nothing more to sacrifice than their own bodies or their children. Men seem to visit it with a lot of joy, and it is said that even the most depressed man is to beam radiant with joy after visiting the forest. A druid travelled to the town nearby the swamps or forest, and decided to investigate what draws the villagers into it. He found out that witches are the cause, and they exploit the villagers to sacrifice their lives for their own juvenility. The druid hires the players to set an end to their mischief, but he hasn’t only the well being of the villagers in mind…

5. Reactor RBMKP-2400

The party plays investigators from the KGB, the russian Committee for State Security or some kind of scientific researchers. They get asked by a high positioned individual to travel to a countryside near Leningrad, where new discovered and long lost documents speak of a nuclear reactor that was built by the soviet union. There are increasing cases of person missing around the area, and the building was probably not visited in over 60 years, as its pinpoint location was unknown until now. No one knows what is to be expected inside the reactor, and the players are told to expect the worst, whatever that may be.

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